Block&Wine #114 – Girls just wanna have funds

Globally, only 21% of crypto owners are women. But also in general women still face a variety of barriers when it comes to investing. While there have been many positive trends over the past decades, a significant gender investment gap still exists. Why is that? And what can we do about it?

This week we are hosting two experts on women and finance:

Key Note: Katharina Scheutz (Geld ist Frauensache) – Money is a women’s business

Panel discussion with Katharina Scheutz and Lisa Pulsinger, IT Evangelist, Product Manager & Money Coach and Trainer for women (

We look forward to seeing you ! 🍷🙌

P.S.: If you are new to this topic, don’t be a stranger. The Block&Wine Meetups are open for anybody that is interested in and enthusiastic about crypto and blockchain.

Wednesday | 05.10. | 7 PM | weXelerate Vienna