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Block&Wine goes Belgrade

Welcome to Block&Wine – your local networking meetup for blockchain enthusiats, hosted by blockchain enthusiasts.

Do you enjoy a glass of wine while discussing the latest crypto topics and blockchain trends? Then you’ve come to the right place! This time around we’re going back to the fundamentals of tokenization itself and, appropriately, Wine Tokenization.
We’ve also just expanded to Belgrade – get in touch!

What’s Up

📼 Investing in creative talents

🍷 Appreciating your wine

🇷🇸 Block&Wine in Belgrad

Talentir – The future of content monetization (Block&Wine Vienna #126)

While many projects solely focus on the tokenisation aspect Talentir is emphasising its very core: Talent. It’s a co-ownership model for the creative industry, empowering artists to share ownership of their work with their fans, creating the ultimate community. 

  • Talentir is a marketplace where investors and fans can invest, collect and trade digital content and its associated revenue streams.
  • Starting with music videos, invested fans will receive a monthly payout from the generated ad revenues in the form of dividends.
  • We’re joined by Lukas Sticksel-Steiner, CEO & Co-Founder of Talentir, discussing co-ownership and possibilities with Lorenz Marek, Attorney at Law at EY Law Austria – Pelzmann Gall Größ Rechtsanwälte GmbH.

Vinesia – Appreciating your wine (Block&Wine Vienna #126)

Here at Block&Wine we’ve always appreciated wine – and not only as one of the core components of our events.
But how is liquidity created when it comes to investing in wine? Vinesia has a liquid proposition regarding that asset class. 

  • Dwindling returns and market volatility are forcing investors to head towards alternative opportunities
  • Fine wine continuously outperforms Gold and S&P500, however access for investors is limited.
  • One of the main reasons fine wine is overlooked as an investment: Understanding the barriers to entry.

Block&Wine in Belgrade (Block&Wine Belgrade #1)

After more than 120 successful Blockchain Meetups in Austria, Block & Wine – Community Meetups is expanding to Serbia! Whether you’re working in the blockchain industry, own virtual assets or are simply interested in the technology and would like to meet other web3 enthusiasts: our doors are open! And as always – Free entry. Free knowledge. Free wine. 

Our first session will host two guest speakers from Austria: Michael Dorner (Variussystems digital solutions) talks about the real-life applications of blockchain technology, while Georg Brameshuber 🧢 is presenting the web3 incubator Block and Start which aims to support the Blockchain start-ups in Austria and CEE.

Meet our local team: Irina Andelic, Nemanja Rajcic, Ilija Rilaković

Upcoming Events 🍷🙌 

Block&Wine Belgrade #1 | Thursday | 16.03. | 6 PM | Haos Community Space 

Block&Wine Vienna #126 | Thursday | 23.03. | 7 PM | weXelerate Vienna