"Let's explore the world of blockchain. And drink wine."

Why should I attend Block & Wine?

Expand your network and become part of the decentralized community in vienna. We offer blockchain enthusiasts the opportunity to share their knowledge, analyze each other's projects, improve them and take a step towards the future together.

Registration required?

Usually not. But some events are overcrowded and the space is limited. If that is the case you find more information on our channels: Website, Telegram Group, Facebook Event, Meet Up Event.

Where do we meet?

Usually we meet every wednesday at 18.30 at the ANONSPACE, Bauernmarkt 9 1010 Vienna. Sometimes we are invited to other locations as well. Please always check the location on one of our channels or postings.

Who are the people I will meet?

Blockchain specialists from the most diverse economic areas 
Because we are an open community, we welcome every blockchain enthusiast as long as a respectful interaction is guaranteed. 

Do I have to be a specialist to participate?

Simpe answer: No. Of course, there are very knowledgeable people who then discuss and represent the blockchain very deeply in matter, but there are always introductions to more difficult topics. Join us

Are all lectures held in English?

No, since we have many guests from abroad, most of the lectures and discussions are in English. 

Why we created Block & Wine

We believe that the Blockchin will fundamentally change our social and economic system. We are the community that wants to advance the pros and cons of this revolutionary technology in a value-generating discourse.
We see ourselves as a community, where members support and learn from each other. Interesting projects have already emerged in a short period of time.